We work with charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises to support their cause through digital and event management.


We also work with businesses to build and develop effective and meaningful CSR management and strategy.

We want to help our clients become more effective and up to date in their approaches.


An important focus for We Are Chill is that our clients want to give something back to the world. To create a happier existence and support causes that improve lives and experiences. 

Simply put, our goal is to help you with YOUR goals to show donors and customers they can have faith in people and companies that want to work towards a better tomorrow. 

  • Collaborative 

Being collaborative is essential for us to work with you. We will become a part of your team. Ensuring effective progress and project success.

  • Openness

Being transparent is key, not only between We Are Chill and our clients, but also with the messages we're sharing together. 

  • Supportive

We will always go above and beyond to support  our clients and their audiences.

  • Purpose

Creating with real purpose is key to We Are Chill. Working towards socially considerate causes is like a good brew, always welcome. ​ 


"I started We Are Chill because I have so much enthusiasm for creating, supporting and getting involved in exciting, positive and life-enhancing ventures. I really feel that we can offer something special to our clients.


I deeply believe in mucking in and getting the job done as best as possible. I've worked in every part of the services we offer and I'll never shy away from giving my all ensure we achieve whatever the clients needs.

We will give everything we do 100%, and always with a smile."

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