• Cheryl Hill

She's the Business - Conference Workshop

I was recently asked to deliver a workshop on "How to Promote your Business" for the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre, which forms part of the University of Manchester's Alliance Business School. It was a pleasure to be included alongside their other speakers and workshop providers.

The conference is their annual "She's the Business", aimed at helping young female students get the knowledge they need to support their business aspirations.

Moving over to a virtual format the conference was delivered through Zoom. Which, for workshop providers, can be somewhat challenging. Speaking to groups of people at the best of times can be difficult engagement wise, so with a screen barrier, you're working twice as hard to connect.

Zoom, fortunately, has some really useful features to facilitate workshop delivery. Including breakout rooms for tasks, polling and also reactions for simpler questions, like "who is on social media?".

My favourite part of being involved was the Q&A at the end. It's easy to regurgitate knowledge at people and expect them to get it, but sometimes simply hearing that overarching information isn't enough to address a specific problem with your planned promotions.

A great question I got was around managing relationships with influencers and how to get the most out working with people in that environment.

I encouraged the participants to connect with me and offered to speak to them any time after our workshop if they needed any more support. It's never going to be a bad thing to reach out and help others where you can.

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