• Cheryl Hill

Use - Intensive Incubator Programme

What an awful year it's been. Well, since March at the very least. It was a little touch and go at first for Chill. Then a previous client, we'd had a conference planned, got in touch and asked for my support in reopening their co-working space.

I've helped them revitalise their social media channels, set up a consistent marketing email, increase subscribers, introduced an inclusion and diversity policy, created a more meaningful series of blog content, as well as working to bring other business onboard for collaborations, including blog posts, mentoring and more.

I've seen Use work incredibly hard to support their members and any new faces who come to visit or get in touch during this particularly difficult time.

Now they've gone one step further to increase that support. I've been working with them to create and promote the Use Intensive Incubator Programme. We've utilised different engagement tactics to ensure our message has been heard far and wide.

I've also helped secure and manage partnerships with various supporters who have committed their time and expertise to successful applicants.

It's always a real joy to work with people who actively engage in supporting those around them and embrace the opportunity of collaboration. I can't wait to see the impact this programme will have on the businesses that take part.

Find out more on Use Space Manchester's website.

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